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Hello Roger,

I hope you are well !!!....I have been fighting a flare-up of a sciatic nerve in my right leg. Man it is painful.

Anyway, I have been off line for a bit, but recently did read on Autograph Magazine that you received an apology from those guys that made all that crap up about you. I am not familiar with the whole story and it is none of my business... but I am very happy for you !!!!!

Blair mentioned it to me when it began and he felt bad as anyone who knows you would.

Congratulations !!!

I was down in H-Wood today for a waste of time trying to get Bryan Adams at a Hollywood Star event.... pouring rain and... just a joke. I did get 2 Wayne Gretzky signed items and met him....

anyway.......3-4 collectors.....who I am sure you don't know ...they go after both actors and musicians and are staples on the LA collectors scene. Anyway, your name came up and it was mentioned...well, almost in reverence. Epperson is "the bomb ".... he is "THE guy who knows about graphs in the music business" and just a lot of nice words were said about you.

They did not know I knew/bought from you... and in the autograph business, where it seems so much harsh words are said about colleagues and whatnot... it was very cool to hear. I smiled and was in full agreement and told these guys I was glad they knew who the true experts in the autograph field were.

Everyone was in total agreement.

Anyway... just a little thing to let you know.

As I save up a bit more $$ (still have to pay loads of $$ for my med's... but just for 2 more months until my insurance deductible is met, I will inquire about the Jagger signed Love You Live )

Thanks again and have a great rest of the week!


As one of Roger Epperson's customers for several years now, I've learned to trust and accept Rogers word. He is a good friend to have if you are collecting rock and roll and with his vast knowledge has saved me hundreds of $$$. As one example I purchased an Elvis autograph and I had Roger look at it. At first he thought it to be good, but took the time to really look at it and came back to me that it was no good. But I bought it anyway because I felt that there was a possibility of it to be real. Once I had it, I had several other professional autograph experts look at the Elvis image and they also came up with the same conclusion Roger had given me, "that it was no good." Long story short, Rogers word to me, is gold.

Walt Rettig
rock n roll customer

Roger Epperson is the world’s most trusted professional Rock, Pop, Jazz and Blues authenticator. He’s protected collectors from buying untold millions in bad autographs—which is why the sellers of forgeries are always gunning for him. Roger is Autograph magazine’s lead modern music authenticator. One of the few times we didn’t get his approval on an item, because we thought the source was unimpeachable, we made our biggest mistake ever. It’s a shame Tom Petty stole his wife away.

Steve Cyrkin
Autograph Magazine

Roger Epperson is the most prolific and accepted in the area of rock and roll autograph authentication. He is, without a doubt, the platinum standard of the field. I do not buy major rock and roll items without checking with him.

John Reznikoff

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