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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

It’s great hearing from the readers of this site that really want to learn something and learn the truth. This will be a regular feature now as the letters keep pouring in.

Again thanks,
Roger Epperson

Hi Roger,

I just wanted to write a quick note saying that Koschal seems to be digging his own grave (if he hasn't already hit rock bottom). His latest rant on how you are trying to hinder Haiti relief eforts is an incoherent mess. He bashes you for 11 paragraphs, yet somehow completely neglects to explain just how you are hindering relief efforts. Presumably, he's just pissed that you're dissuading people from stupidly handing their money over to him (make checks out to Steve Koschal?! ... right... and that'll work out great come tax time).

Just please keep doing what you're doing. Your reputation speaks for itself. The more he writes and the more you write -- the more apparent it becomes who's right and who's miserably wrong.

I'm just an average collector who's bought a few items from you and R&R over the years, and it just makes me sick when the "bad guys" get more attention than they deserve... and people actually start to listen to them at your expense.


Thanks - Roger Epperson


So, steve k says:

 "We know from all the emails we have received from our readers over the last five years that they have a big heart. Now is the time to open your hearts and donate money to help those in desperate need in Haiti."

If he seems to know his loyal fans so well, wouldn't he want to post the amount of money he has received for the "charity" on his website? If his followers are so great, he should be proud to say how much he has collected for the relief! If he chooses to lie about it and exaggerate, it would probably be pretty easy find out what kind of check, if any, gets written.

Oh I’m sure he will post that LOL - Roger

Do you know where I mail my check to Koschal for Haiti relief? I need a tax deduction. With Koschal, I'm sure I will be in good hands. Maybe he can finally use this money to pay child support and not continue to be a deadbeat.

Koschal must be nuts!!!!  Only an idiot would send money to him to forward to Haiti relief.  If one wants to send money, why would they send money to Koschal instead of the Red Cross? Sending money to Koschal is almost as stupid as getting  Christopher Morales to authenticate your autographs.

Trust me guys, he is nuts! - Roger Epperson

Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 11:41 PM
To: Roger@rogerepperson.com
Subject: Koschal

LOL did you see the update on autographalert?

Who in their right mind would send "DONATIONS" made out to Koschal?

If they think the money will be going to aid in the effort for Haiti, they are indeed morons.

Keep doing what your doing,


Yes sir ree I did all right.  Make your "donations" out to Stephen Koschal! I'll get right on that.

December 20, 2009


Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

By the way my name is Chris Klamer and I have been collecting autographs since about 1989 when I ran in to Bon Jovi in Huntsville, Alabama when they were here in concert. My co-workers and I were looking for a place to eat late and all of the roadies were staying at the Hilton downtown so that is where all of the fans and groupies were so we headed over to the Space Center Marriott. The waitress came in shouting at our waiter saying guess who is in the other room and I piped up and said Bon Jovi and she screamed YES! I had figured this out when walked by Richie Sambora in the hallway. So after dinner I walked out of the dining area and asked the guys if they wanted to meet Bon Jovi and they said how are we going to do that and I said just follow my lead and don’t say anything. They had guys watching the door of course but here we are dressed to the nines in our suites because we had been to a trade show earlier and I said just walk toward the door like you own it and we did with me leading the way and damned if they didn’t just pop the doors open like we belonged there. So we walked in and started talking to the guys and Tico said sit down and have a drink so we did and I asked Jon if they would sign something for me and said sure. He was reading our local paper and the sports section of course. So the only thing I had with me was the cassette tape Slippery When Wet so I ran out and grabbed the insert and ran back in and everyone signed it except for Richie of course since he had already left. So that was one of my first experiences with meeting a band.

Believe it or not my second experience happened the following morning when I was waiting out front of the Hilton and who walks out none other than the Temptations and they had also been playing that weekend in Huntsville .
I know you probably could care less about this but I thought you would appreciate a good story.


Chris, thanks for the cool story. - Roger

Hi Roger,

I just wanted to personally apologize for the most recent posting on Autograph Alert regarding the Clash album and to let you know that I did not mean to question your findings in anyway. We have always and will continue to support you as being the number one authority in signed music material.

Best Regards,

Roger on a different issue.

I want to thank you for your section that you take time to write called Autograph Alert Truth. WOW, I can’t believe all the crazy stuff. And that Email from Todd Mueller was too much. This just proved what I always thought about him, and that is "I don’t trust him".


Hello Roger,

I ran across your site because I purchased some autographed baseball cards on the internet that once received, looked to be fake. I too sell sports cards on my own website and I'm an honest seller so I wanted to get them authenticated before I put them in my store. Well, PSA/DNA did their thing and all 6 cards came back "questionable authenticity".  I can understand if 1 or 2 came back questionable but all 6???  I emailed the seller and told him what happened and that I wanted my money refunded and that I also wanted a refund for the money I spent to get them authenticated. He replied back saying he does not believe in 3rd party authenticators and proceeded to foward me 5 emails of articles from www.autographalert.com that, as you know, bash all the 3rd party authenticators. Getting to my point, I found your site because I've been researching my whole situation to decide what I should do and i Googled "autograph alert" to read more of these articles and there you were...  www.autographalerttruth.com right next to www.autographalert.com I had to click back and forth a couple times to really see what is going on and after reading both sites, my trust has fallen upon your site.

I like the fact that you're not focused on bashing the 3rd parties. Becket, PSA and SGC have so much respect from collectors that woudn't be there if they were as shady as some make them out to be.  This makes me trust the 3rd party more than some autograph dealer on the East coast.  Would I fault you for writing a story about shady business at one of these 3rd parties?  No way, if you can expose it, I'd like to know.

So, back to my original reason for writing...  I'd like to get your thoughts on what I should do? I really want to report this guy to the BBB. It boils me that dealers are out there selling "allegedly" fake autographs in mass and then they hide behind this myth that 3rd party authenticators are fraudulent. I don't know if you would be willing to do a quick opinion on the cards I purchased so please let me know if this is possible. Once I receive them back from PSA, I can scan and send them to you.

Maybe your next article should talk about dealers and the "auto's" they sell... ?

Thanks for your time,


Great job on Autograph Alert Truth. It’s the “America’s Dumbest Criminals” of autographs. Even Tom cracks up when he reads it. The commercials are right—everything’s bigger in Texas.

Steve Cyrkin
Autograph magazine

Hi Roger,

Have purchased from you over the last years. Just wanted to send you a note regarding your "Truth" website. Excellent Job keep up the fine work. Very informative. I also noticed that you do quick opinions. Thats great!!! I have a number of items that I will be scanning to you soon. Hope they are real. Well keep up the good work and I am behind you all the way.

Best Regards,
Gary Seitz

Thanks Gary! I try my best and I believe the best is yet to come. - Roger

A number of years ago I was in contact with one Steven Koschall, editor and one of the two founders of Autograph Alert, who said he was the head of an autograph organization; the name escapes me at the moment. He claimed to have an autograph of Elvis Presley with a letter of authentication by the manager of the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. This certainly sounded as if it would be a slam dunk authentic signature. After receiving a copy of the signature I was shocked to see it was a HORRIBLE forgery. Now, with a letter from the manager of the hotel, I could understand why someone would believe it to be authentic, but someone in his position, and this signature being so bad, I do believe he should have known it was probably signed by one of Elvis' Memphis Mafia bodyguards.

However, I was even more surprised to learn that at some point in the future after learning this was a fake, that he, Koschall, had sold it to some poor collector who didn't know the difference. And, believe me, I have been authenticating Elvis' writing for approximately 15 to 16 years, and have owned two of the seven REAL letters Elvis ever wrote known to exist, and this was a "No brainer." I will say, after learning of this information, I would never deal with this person in the future, and wondered how he got to be in the position he was in, in the first place.

Rich Consola,
Court Reporter (43 years)

Yes I hear that a lot about him. He told me that no one can do Rock and Roll autographs yet he sold me a fake Bob Dylan and won’t issue a refund and now this. Thanks for the letter! - Roger

I saw the new addition to your website: forensic examiners. I laughed out loud!

Take Care, F

Laughing wasn’t what I had in mind but I do understand! Thanks. - Roger Epperson

I've dealt with Koschal in the distant past and always been uncomfortable with him. He's the only dealer I've actually returned things to- either for being mis-described or just plain bad... I find his Autograph Alert to be plain nasty without at least being informative.
Thanks for everything.

Best regards D.

Thanks for the compliment. - Roger Epperson