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October 16, 2009

Todd Mueller trusts Stephen Koschal to run and write his creation AutographAlert.com, OOOOOPS!

Autograph Alert is a very negative site where everyone involved tries to stay anonymous while spouting out negative views of any competition that gets in their way.  Well it’s time to call out who is involved and what the agenda of this publication is;

    “This is silly and I am certain will change in time as more
    >>> things are uncovered. This is just one of the reasons why I chose to
    >>> help fund
    >>> and start www.autographalert.com”

    From Todd Mueller to me May 21, 2009

Autograph Alert was started in December of 2005, as the brainchild of Todd Mueller and Stephen Koschal. Todd had the money and Steve had the time.  So now you know who the mystery quote was about, it was Todd Mueller talking about Steve Koschal.  Remember now this is quoted to me in writing!  Both seemed to have an axe to grind with Third Party Authenticators that were competition with Steve. Why Todd did I don’t have a clue. He worked for Global Authentication that’s all I know. To talk with Todd he seems like a really nice and likable guy but he still denies he has any involvement with Autograph Alert.

 Here though is a quote from him written to me on June 5th of this very year by Todd Mueller;

    “John R is asking me to make a public statement about Autograph Alert
    > and how I have never written an article for the site disowning any
    > connection to it.  I have somewhat refused to do this as I support the
    > stories on the crooked 3rd party scams.  The latest story on Darvick
    > in my opinion was a very low blow and I hated it.  Now I hear one may
    > be coming out on you. I have the power to wipe out the site
    > permanently.”

This sounds like someone who is involved in Autograph Alert to me.

Now let’s look into the individual that writes the stories for Autograph Alert (this will be rather lengthy so you might want to go get a snack or take a potty break);

Steve Koschal has quite a lengthy resume to say the least for wrong doing in the autograph world.  Everything I am going to list is copied verbatim from very creditable dealers, individuals and organizations in the Autograph industry.

Let’s start with 3 emails sent to me by Todd Mueller, Steve Koschal and a fictitious person (probably Steve Koschal) that writes “taunting” email to me that only Steve would have knowledge of.  He goes by the name Cori Raiderman. Now remember according to his old partner Steve would do things like this on a regular basis. Seems childish but it is what it is;

1. Sent to me by Autograph Alert (Steve Koschal) on 9-20-2009

    “Dear Mr. Epperson, it certainly appears from your tirade that your medication is not working.
    Can you tell us the name of your x-wife?”

2. Sent to me by Cori Raiderman 9-10-2009


    Ok, so you were just music, then started to be a expert in EVERYTHING, and now your back to JUST MUSIC? Talk about a flip flopper..... Nice new site though.... your first story is up on autographalert.com .

    OHH yeah, I saw Tom Petty, he said to say HI and thanks!

    What's that about?



3. Sent to me by Todd Mueller 09-01-2009


    I have been told by many sources that you did a signing with Tom Petty and not only did he get what you agreed to pay him but he also got your wife.  Is this true?

    That is awful.


Seems like Autograph Alert spends a lot of time worrying about my ex wife of 15 years now. They say they are an educational site.  What did we learn today from this kids?

The site tries to hammer the abilities of me, John Reznikoff, James Spence and many others but they seem to be spending a lot of their “teaching” time looking into my past marriage and sex life. I’m just waiting for them to bring up my son next. I would say this is about as classless as you can get. If you want to attack someone’s abilities to do their job then challenge them. But to bring up their ex wife of 15 years ago, this is just sick?

This is the guy Stephen Koschal, who writes
the negative web site Autographalert.com.

I feel I must apologize to anyone who has had a friend or loved one hurt, raped, drugged, abused, tortured or killed by the following article that the writer Stephen Koschal sold so he and John Wayne Gacy could profit from.  How do you hold the painting of a mass murder of children and smile.  When I asked him about it this was his reply;

From Steve Koschal date 09-16-2009

    “With regard to John Wayne Gacy I can assure you he was not my friend.  I never even met him. Copies of his paintings were being sold to collectors by unscrupulous dealers. I ensured the collecting public that I handled only genuine paintings.’

Smile Steve, this is a really great photo of you and this sick serial killers work! What a very kind thing to do. I’m sure the demand was very high for these, so we the autograph community we salute you for your looking out for us. Without knowing him, how do you know they are the real ones?


    “With regard to John Wayne Gacy I can assure you he was not my friend.  I never even met him. Copies of his paintings were being sold to collectors by unscrupulous dealers. I ensured the collecting public that I handled only genuine paintings.”

Remember, this is the guy who writes www.autographalert.com!

First of all I will start by listing the findings of wrong doing by the UACC one of the largest and oldest autograph clubs in the world that he was swiftly booted out of.


UACC Resolution #37 - Censure of UACC Director Stephen Koschal

The UACC Executive Board members Erickson, Carr, Wertman, Wittnebert, Bardwell, Deeley and Hensel have voted unanimously to censure UACC Director Stephen Koschal for the following actions:

A. Nine separate counts of abuse of position.

  1. Koschal vs. Axelrod Ethics case. Mr. Koschal did purposely use his position to pressure the UACC Ethics Board and UACC Board of Directors to expel Todd Axelrod from the UACC without the benefit of due process.
  2. Koschal vs. Erickson Ethics case. Mr. Koschal unfairly accused UACC President Bob Erickson of being in collusion with Herman Darvick and delaying his expulsion from the UACC. In a letter sent to the UACC Ethics Board dated March 29, 1997, Mr. Koschal has distorted the facts of the case and its outcome as well as lodging untrue, unsupported and libelous statements regarding UACC President Bob Erickson.
  3. Letter to UACC President Erickson dated April 9, 1997 which Mr. Koschal made unfounded accusations regarding UACC policies made in compliance with UACC Resolution #36, dated May 18th, 1996 as well as the UACC Constitution Article 3 Section 5. It should be noted that Mr. Koschal voted for Resolution #36.
  4. Mr. Koschal printed and distributed a UACC flyer for a UACC sponsored show which contained campaign literature. Also using a UACC show for a political campaign.
  5. Mr. Koschal has made several attempts to access the UACC archives, particularly the Officer's Expense Reports. Mr. Koschal will not give reasons for the requests which indicate strongly that he wants to discredit members of the Executive Board with unfounded allegations.
  6. In a letter dated April 1, 1997, Mr. Koschal sent a harsh letter to UACC treasurer Al Wittnebert, accusing him of abusing one of the club's members. Mr. Wittnebert was in fact asked by the Ethics Board to notify a number of dealers using the UACC name that were not members, of UACC Resolution #35, which again Mr. Koschal voted for.
  7. Mr. Koschal has used his positions in both the UACC and the Gold Coast Autograph Club (a UACC Chapter) to level personal, unsupported and libelous attacks at UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert.
  8. In a letter sent to UACC member John Reid of Australia dated May 7, 1997, Mr. Koschal responds to a members problem with a letter that includes issues that were not pertinent to the issue at hand and serve his personal political agenda.
  9. Mr Koschal, in his position as Vice President of the Gold Coast Autograph Club, a UACC chapter, wrote and distributed a newsletter dated April 10, 1997 which libeled UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert with unsupported, and untrue allegations regarding the Gold Coast Autograph Club's treasury.
    He also used this publication to attack UACC policies that he himself voted to be implemented via UACC Resolution #36, dated 5-18-96. He also distorted by omission the true facts of each of the policies to the membership to purposely gain support for his political agenda.

B. Two counts of dereliction of duty.

  1. On February 9, 1997 at the UACC Houston show, UACC Regional Director Anthony Pizzatola had five potential UACC members that he wanted to discuss the club and ask questions about collecting and the UACC. This clearly was a job for the UACC Educational Director (Koschal) who was present but refused the assignment. This was witnessed by UACC President Bob Erickson, UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert and UACC Regional Director Anthony Pizzatola. UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert gave the talk in his place.
  2. On February 9th, 1997 at the UACC Houston show, there was a presentation planned for Mike & Ka Riley of 'Autographics' for their unselfish work on behalf of the UACC. Mr. Koschal refused to take part in the presentation, sighting his personal dislike for UACC President
    Bob Erickson.

C. One count of failing to perform his assigned duties.

  1. The UACC has seen no plan nor any action to promote the UACC and educate the members except for a single seminar in Florida. no budget has been submitted nor has any work been done to the Educational Display or responsiblity taken to provide its shipment to various UACC functions. Mr. Koschal resigned his post as UACC Director of Education as of April 6th, 1997. UACC President Bob Erickson has, with Board approval, rejected the resignation unless it included resignation from the UACC Executive Board as well.

This is the guy who writes www.autographalert.com!


This is the document and judgment for the Koschal court case against Al Wittnebert of the UACC for un-truthful allegations. Soon they will be apologizing to the whole autograph community.


Above is a copy of a bench warrant for contempt of court filed April 4th 2002 for $22,400 for what states child support (unpaid?) case 34175697A.  Also included is a copy of his driver’s license to prove that this is the same Steve Koschal that writes for AutographAlert! Judge Judy would have a field day with this one!

Remember, this is the guy who writes www.autographalert.com!

My child support is paid up in full! Any money owed to my ex wife is paid in full! I have no warrants out for my arrest anywhere!


Here is Stephen Koschal, writer of www.autographalert.com offering a check for 1 million dollars for an alien autograph yet he can’t even cover a check he wrote to a registered UACC dealer for $20! It came back NSF!

I find it hard to believe that anyone could take Steve Koschal seriously. He has added nothing to the autograph business in over 10 years. The world moved on and he just stood still and watched it pass him by. I guess this angers him.

Steve Koschal seems to take everything out of context and spins them into these ridiculous stories.

So from now on if you accidentally go to Autographalert.com you will know who it is and what kind of person it is that writes this trash.