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Before entering this site, all items shown are my extremely
educated opinions from 20 years of studying autographs.

Roger Epperson autograph authenticationAutograph Alert Truth is dedicated to bringing you the latest autograph-related news and information all supported and collaborated by facts including actual emails and testimonials. All of the information will be good and useful while some may be shocking or down right funny.

The goal of this site is to educate the autograph consumer on great people in the industry, expose frauds, and notify the readers of lies and misleading articles published by other online publications. No educational studies will be published on any subject but will expose dealers and writers who try to lead people into their stories by twisting the facts. Creating this website will be the truth and only the truth from both sides of the story.

Let it be known that liars, cheaters and thieves will be brought out as well as honest and respected dealers and collectors.

There will be no one hiding who they are or interviewing themselves making it seem like there are more people involved than who really are in regards to the writing of the articles. There will be nobody funding this site except me Roger Epperson who will also be the only person writing for this publication.

Facts are facts, let them be known!

“All Truths Are Easy To Understand Once They Are Discovered,
The Point Is To Discover Them!”
 Keep reading this site and they will Be discovered by all.

Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to me Roger Epperson at Roger@rogerepperson.com. Please have all of your backup information in writing before contacting me on any subject. I do not write from word of mouth, things somebody said, etc. I will only write the facts. There will be no slander or unethical attacks on anybody in the industry whether they are good people or bad. I will let the facts that I get in writing tell the story.

Thank you for visiting Autograph Alert Truth.

Roger Epperson

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